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Configuring Posting via email for WordPress

I am testing out the ability to post via a secret email, this is how I created this post, then edited some more in WP.

I fussed with it for a bit, sending emails and expecting results. I didn’t realize that the email reading for WP has to be stroked. So I put together a cron job to stroke the reading of email periodically (daily for the moment, which seems reasonable) via php

php -q /home/yourcpanelusername/path-to-folder/wp-mail.php

Which didn’t work, initially. I kept getting email via cron which has XML in the body, it is an error with a line at the bottom…

<p>Slow down cowboy, no need to check for new mails so often!</p>

Then I tried this

But manually stroking the email by going to the URL where wp-mail.php lives does kick the email to a post as lists it as pending. This in my mind is not terribly useful. I would prefer to send an email and have not be a pending post as I would like to post from email without needing to login to WP, in other words just post it already.

Mysteriously after experimenting with sending a few posts by email, it started to work. I sm not sure why, but checking the mail daily at 1AM, it either gets the messages, creates a pending post and deletes the copies on the mail server as it should and reports this in a CRON email. Or there are no emails for it and it reports that correctly. After an initial weirdness it has been working fine and as expected for several weeks.

Test WordPress Install

This Blog is currently a test install for me to experiment with. I do a lot with WordPress and I wanted to try out a few things, without disturbing any live sites. I do have a server at home that I am in the process of building. My old server died a few months ago and I’ve got some big plans for the new one, such as running OwnCloud, more details to follow on this!. Eventually that server will be my “sandbox” instead of this Blog page for WP experiments after installing LAMP.


I do plan on putting some interesting content on this site as time goes on.