This main purpose of this site is currently a test install for me to experiment with. I do a lot with WordPress and I wanted a place to try out a few things, without disturbing any live sites. I do have several Linux based servers at home including a Raspberry Pi server. My old server (P3-500MHz, running Ubuntu 10.04) died in early 2014 and I had some big plans that I rolled out in Mid to Late 2014 for the new one, such as running OwnCloud, Samba, NFS, Wake On Lan via the Raspberry Pi and automatic shutdown. That Ubuntu based server is my storage for backups and remote file access, ( tunneling through the Pi which using SSH with RSA Keys ) along with eventually  being the WordPress “sandbox” instead of this Blog page for WP experiments.

I have also done some experimentation with remote monitoring using fswebcam and old servers that I used just to monitor my house when I am away. This lead to two developments, one was doing some timelapse photography and two the purchase of a Raspberry Pi for a 24/7 low power draw min-server and more advanced remote monitoring.


Frontiernet site maintained from 1999-2012

I do have an old site with a lot of information on it and my artwork as well…

My Other Frontiernet Website

Weather Page

The visual summary of current weather conditions is the one page that I still actively maintain on the old site. It is a page with weather maps, satellite view, jet-stream, temperatures, web-cam photos and links that may be of interest.

Visual Summary of Current Weather Conditions

This Site

I am putting some interesting content on the site you are viewing as time goes on. Such as more info on setting up a Linux server, Raspberry Pi Server, remote monitoring, WordPress related info, info on fermented food/beverages, recipes that I found interesting…what ever else might seem worth sharing.

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