Daily Archives: February 9, 2018

Install Slackware on a VM

Easy to follow tutorial on installing Slackware Linux onto a Virtual Machine

I have been interested in trying out Slackware for some time now. The Slackware Linux Essentials ( aka Slackbook) is an excellent review of Slackware and Linux in general. I went through it one winter a few years ago and was impressed as it was a great refresher course on Linux. After a while I tend to forget some of the tricks on the command line that I do not use on a regular basis. Going over a manual like this is a good brush up. Reading the book convinced me that I would have to try out Slackware someday.


I had no trouble following the tutorial and getting Slackware up and running on a VirtualBox VM. The current version 14.2 (February 2018) is similar enough to the 13.0 install in the guide that the few differences are not a problem. The one difference that I noticed is that when the disk is partitioned the option for bootable did not appear for me as it did in the tutorial. I just went ahead and wrote the disk and it was fine. The tool might have some logic built in to decide what to do and does not required you to tell it that it has to be set as bootable anymore.


Slackware DVD ISO Torrent Page


Slackware Live DVD/USB Stick

Live DVD/USB Stick installs are relatively new for Slackware. In case you want to just go ahead and try it on a Live CD or USB stick it is now available as a download.