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Autoshutdown Code Modded to hybrid-sleep and allow required restarts

Hybrid Sleep Code

I decided to use hybrid sleep instead of a suspend. I have been using the code for autoshutdown as both autoshutdown, using the shutdown command and suspending. A server that I have been using for a year now supports suspend and I have used systemctl suspend successfully with it. But, if the power goes out, the next time it is as if it was shut down and gets a fresh boot. The way around that is to use systemctl hybrid sleep which puts the RAM content into swap and then suspends. This way if the power goes out it will just resume from hibernate.

Reboot code

After setting up the machine with hybrid sleep. I realized that the mechine needs a reboot once and a while after unattended updates and thought that it would be nice to automate that process. I looked on line and found a piece of code that will reboot the machine if a reboot is required. This is done via detecting the presence of the reboot-required file. So far testing once today 8/12/2017, OK so far!


Snippit of code added to autosuspend a.k.a autoshutdown code that was covered in the original post on this topic

# If the reboot-required file is present, restart and l$
 if [ -f /var/run/reboot-required ]
 echo 'Restart required' >> /var/www/html/shutdown.txt
 date >> /var/www/html/shutdown.txt
 echo "------------------------------------" >> /var/www$
 systemctl reboot

# Fall through and hybrid-sleep it!

systemctl hybrid-sleep
 # Switched to hybrid-sleep 08122017 systemctl suspend